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 Advertising Guide

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PostSubject: Advertising Guide   2/2/2013, 2:52 am

Advertising guide

What Is Advertising ?
Answer: Advertising is a form of communication where you are inviting People's to an forum ,game or site and more.

Why Advertising ?
Answer: Well Advertisng an forum, Game or Site Gain People In this Case it is An RSPS its Making you're Forum, Game or site more populair.

Advertising Ways

Facebook is an Populair site With Much of users ... So its An great Advertisement to
You can make An Group Or you can share link Even just Talk with people helps !!

Everybody has an Skype account with 10-30 Friends or More on it An Greatadvertisemnt way to , you Can talk to People You can make Group's andmuch more

Runelocus or Any other Rsps Advertising Site
Runelocus, Rune-server, RspsCoding and More They are the greatest Ways you can post you'r server on a toplist on an forum of them i preffer use there

Rsps Xat box
Rsps xat chat is an Great way to advertise to just Talk with people send some time's an link to you're forum ,game or Site

Greetings Beastly
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PostSubject: Re: Advertising Guide   2/2/2013, 2:59 pm

Seems legit.

Ain't playing cards, get the fuck out of Dodge.
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Advertising Guide
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