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 [Guide]NPC drop list! (Alpha)

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PostSubject: [Guide]NPC drop list! (Alpha)   2/5/2014, 4:11 pm

This guide is no where near finished.

17Barbarian8Bones, Mage hat, and Archery Tickets
35Soldier28Bones, Rune Armor/weapons, and Archery Tickets
50KBD279Dragon Bones, Dragon Armor, Dragon Weapons, Archery Tickets, and Meat Tender
114Jogre/Ogre53Bones, Dragon Weapons, and Archery Tickets.
1115Troll General113Ourg bones, Rune Essence, Uncut Dragonstones, Yew logs, Coins, Cooked Sharks, Big Bones, Splitbark Legs, Archery Tickets, Bandos Armor, Bandos & Saradomin Godsword Hilts, and Godsword Blades

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[Guide]NPC drop list! (Alpha)
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