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 Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014

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PostServer Updates 11 Feburary, 2014

Hey guys, back again with a few updates.

- The store price of all barrows armor has been raised.  It's still low enough where a player might want to sell to another player rather than to the store.  Drop rate is still the same.
- The store price of all 3rd Age armor has been raised.

- Dharok's great axe has been given a significantly higher strength bonus to allow for higher hits.

- Ores to Bars spell has been added.  It requires a magic level of 60 or greater, 2 nature runes, 4 earth runes, and 4 water runes.  This spell gives 300 magic xp per ore.  This spell will turn all of the ore in your inventory into bars (iron ore for iron bars[50% success rate] and coal ore for steel bars).  You won't get any smithing xp from this spell.  The most important benefit of this spell is that you won't need the insane amount of coal to make the higher leveled bars.

Be sure to give me some feedback.

~ Rage
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Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014 :: Comments

Nice nice, what else are you adding?
Re: Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014
Post on 2/11/2014, 11:43 pm by Rage
No idea. Lots of stuff to do.
Lol yep can't argue with that.
Re: Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014
Post on 2/20/2014, 5:06 pm by Daze
Soon as i sold all my 3rd age and other items to the stores for cheaper you change the price..
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sweet, btw rage can u unban me?
Re: Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014
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Server Updates 11 Feburary, 2014

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